Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Name Game

For the parents out there, do you remember what it was like to think of the perfect name for your unborn child? I was still teaching at the time I was pregnant with Marguerite and my students reserved a portion of my whiteboard for name suggestions. Most of them offered their own names, of course. At that time, I really wasn't sure yet which way I wanted to go, except for the fact that I wanted something from nature, like my own name (um, Ivy, if you didn't know). When I finally picked (Husband trusted me to have great taste, which could indicate conceit on his part) Marguerite, a lot of people said it was very me, that it was just the kind of name I would choose. Well, then, good for me. Marguerite is a beautiful name if I may say so myself and I guess it does say something about me: I consider myself to have an affinity with nature and I like French names. If you do a deeper probe, it could also mean that I have a tendency to be romantic (not mushy romance, more of the artistic, literary type of romance) and that I like whimsical things (marguerites aren't your token snobby, expensive, exotic flowers - well, that is, not to me - they bring visions of summer fields and late afternoon sunshine). I do know of parents who wait for their children to be born before deciding on a name. They prefer to hold and look at their kids and then name them based on inspiration.
Yesterday, I got the chance to name another "baby". My friend Tricia is introducing a new cupcake flavor and via YM, we managed to come up with a name that she liked for it. Tricia said it's chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. She likes to envision her creations as people, so, in this case we thought of a brown-skinned blonde. That made me think of surfer girls, so she asked me about the famous female surfers (we opted to make this one a girl since her chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting is a boy) I know of. I mentioned a few and she picked Megan (Megan Abubo, I forgot to mention that Megan's a brunette though. I don't think Tricia would have cared anway. She just wanted a pretty name.). We had to add a "last name" that would indicate the flavor and after a few tries, I came up with Van Choc, so maybe she's of Dutch descent, lol) That was really fun. Anyway, I'm "godmother" to this cupcake, so go to Little Cakes Factory and order a dozen now.

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