Friday, October 12, 2007

One of These Days'll just see those birds' pics here. Don't blame me. I thought they were forthcoming too. Oh, okay. You may blame me. It's just that whenever I remember to go out and take pictures, it's not a good time to do so. It's already dark, it's raining, I have something more pressing to do, et cetera, et cetera. Excuses, excuses. They're always lame, hee!
I have a writing assignment, which is taking forever to complete; that's why I haven't had more time to blog (reading blogs is another matter entirely).
Since my mind is otherwise preoccupied with that particular writing gig, this week's whimsy will be just that: a whimsy. Who cares really if the post ends up being fabulously inane? I got my weekly whimsy in. Just kidding.
Not really. I really am afraid it's going to be random blather. This post will bounce from tangent to tangent, just following the course of my thoughts.
I've been missing and just aching to go back to Santander in Cantabria, Spain. I was blessed to have earned a scholarship that allowed me to live there for a time. A friend of mine, who is still in Spain on scholarship, has just posted pictures of his recent visit to that fair city and I'm afraid they triggered multiple bouts of reminiscing and daydreaming. I would just love to bring Marguerite there. It's just the kind of place I would love to raise my child in. You can literally walk to the beach, the commercial area (individual stores; a Corte Inglés is a bus-ride away and Valle Real is a short train-ride away), the fishing port, the universities (both of which are very good, but my loyalty goes to UC, of course), the museums, the many parks... just literally to any point in town. It's a small city, so it's more quiet and "intimate" (you bump into the same people all the time, but it's also very cosmopolitan. The public transportation system is very good. Landlocked, the city itself is surrounded by quaint little hamlets. If you venture off by boat, there are charming little islands pockmarking the bay area. The display of architecture is superb, there's a variety of choices when it comes to entertainment. The climate is muy templado, muy agradable and you can go off on an excursion to equally fascinating neighboring provinces for the day, maybe a trip to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, or to the Picos de Europa which touches three provinces: Asturias, Cantabria, and Castilla-León. The place is also very safe. People laughed at me for toting pepper spray and a swiss knife all the time (well, the swiss knife was really for McGyver-type moments and both were part of my jumble of key chains). And. I found a small evangelical church right at the center of the city (I was initially told that I would have to take two buses that have very specific schedules to somewhere right outside of the city). The main problem would have to be that the Euro has made the standard of living incredibly expensive... Anyway, just *sigh*, I guess. It would be lovely to live there, but I'm also happy here. A trip to Santander sometime in the future is definitely in order for my family though. Please allow me another sigh.
Moving on to other matters, I was taking inventory of my bottled scents and I realized that most of them are still in the fridge. They were relegated there when I got pregnant as most scents had become intolerable. That was really strange to me since normally I don't subscribe to subtlety when it comes to perfume. I'm all for bombardment of the senses. And, no, I don't buy perfume either. All my bottles were given to me, seriously. I am blessed with an incredibly generous aunt who believes in a little "harmless" spoiling, er *cough*, indulgence, I mean. Anyway, I have exactly three bottles in the bedroom right now. I have Sweet Pea for normal days, Fire & Ice for going out (if you're like me, Poison's belting out a tune with the same name in your mind right now), and Trésor for special occasions. Some bottles that remain cooling in the fridge are Amarige, Miracle, both plain and So Magic, and a collection of Vanilla scents. Vanilla is my preferred scent really, but my reaction to it when I was pregnant was just so horrible that I have yet to start enjoying it again. But I really do love it. At my wedding, you could just breathe in vanilla. I was wearing it by way of both perfume and lotion, there was scented oil in burners, some candles, air spray... I wonder which scent Marguerite will go for. I'm not sure if marguerites have a scent (confession: I can't tell a marguerite from the other types of daisies), but even if they do, my darling girl will be the best-smelling of them all, hee.:)
A couple of pics (because we really don't know when those of the birds will show up here, do we? lol):

Bela (Indonesia), yo y Anastasie (Bélgica) en Santander;
moi on my wedding day

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