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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Anybody Else Want to Live in the Books for Less Warehouse?

August didn't use to be a month I got excited about. It had a couple of important birthdays (grandmother's and two cousins'), but it didn't really have much else going on. It has two national holidays that don't really impact our family much since we homeschool and work from home. It had about an average rating, excitement-wise. I didn't dread it, but it wasn't really a month I looked forward to either... until Books for Less started having its month-long warehouse sale. Now, August is one of my favorite months of the year.

I like warehouses. I want one of my own. But to fill that warehouse with cheap used books? It's like paradise 10 miles and an hour away (Manila traffic!). It's like a slice of heaven that sends me into sneezing fits. No allergy can deter this very determined bibliophile, however, especially since the book lover in question is also a cheeseparing one whose only indulgence is books, lol.

I've been taking advantage of this warehouse sale since 2013. The first time I went, the sale was held in the last half of June and the first half of July. I think it became an annual August thing the year after.

My first time, there were maybe fewer than ten other browsers. The following year, there were significantly more shoppers. The same for the following year. I think we went sometime in the middle of the month both times. And then, last year, there was so much hype about it that I was afraid that if we went later in the month, the pickings would be slim, so we went on the first Saturday of August, and it was totally insane!

My sister and I braved the crush of that crowd. It wasn't enjoyable browsing. but I was resolute about scoring good books for cheap, so we forged on. The checkout lines were a nightmare, but we emerged from the warehouse triumphant.

I didn't want to go through that again, so I told my husband we were going on a weekday, hopefully at an hour where most people were at work or in school. We ended up going after lunch Friday last week, the first week of the sale. It was mildly humming when we got there, and became more bustling as schools let out.

This year, the books were all worth Php 20 (about USD .40), which I found awesome because it was so much easier to stick to my budget. There was also no need to do any rigorous mental math and gut-wrenching editing pre-checkout since I didn't have to look at price stickers. If it appealed to me, it went sailing into the cardboard box that served as my shopping basket.

Let me share what I scored. I divided them into the following categories: homeschool, Christmas (apparently, I'm obsessed with the holiday), hobbies and interests, stories and children's books, and piano.



Hobbies and Interests

Stories and Children's Books


Buying books makes me giddy with happiness, so you can bet I was on a high last Friday. It's Tuesday and the feeling still lingers, lol. Are you the same?

PS - The Books for Less warehouse had eggplant plants lining up the drive, which makes the place even more awesome in my book.