Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tiger Ghosts and Electric Youth

Well, he does have a green sleeper, and we almost used it to make a leprechaun out of him, but just thinking what a fit he'd throw if he had to don the hat and the fake beard was enough for me to ditch the brilliant idea (although his sister was all for it). Instead of a leprechaun, he was a... well, everybody thought he was supposed to be a tiger. They could have been right, but I think it's just a Halloween sleeper; there's a ghost patch on it.

Marguerite is getting to be such a know-it-all, it's really mostly funny. Her dad is a frequent victim of her corrections, and I myself haven't been spared either. There are times when she's just so set in her ideas that she's funny in her obstinacy. Once I told her that she had to rinse off the shampoo well or her hair would be sticky, and she said, "I think you mean stinky." I explained that I had actually meant sticky, and she said, "Yes, but it will also be stinky." In the end, I couldn't argue with her. Another time I told her to make sure her hands are dry before switching off the bathroom light or she might get electrocuted. She nodded her head, but after a beat or two, she turned to me and asked, "Does electrocuted mean that I will become cuter?" Stifling laughter, I explained what "electrocuted" meant. She made noises implying that she understood, but a couple of days after that incident, I heard her using "electrocute" to mean "make cuter" during one of her eternal games of LPS Makeover/Hair Salon.


Sharkbytes said...

Well, electo-cuted certainly is a perfectly sensible interpretation!

spinninglovelydays said...

That should totally be included in the next version of some dictionary, lol