Friday, February 15, 2013

Postal System Fail and HK Part III

This is probably the last installment of the HK pictures -- I've shared pictures from the camera and from my phone (which is dead for some reason -- Do not rest in peace, phone! I want my files!) and now I'm sharing the ones from Mark's phone.

When I was a young girl, I joined an international correspondence club. I remember how exciting it was to get something in the mail. Now with the Internet, we're using snail mail less and less, so I thought as part of Marguerite's writing lessons (she reads very, very well for her age, but penmanship just doesn't seem to be as relevant these days - I find that sad...), she could exchange letters with other kids her age. I contacted two other homeschool moms I know and set up an informal penpal exchange with them. The thing is, the first letter Marguerite wrote to one of her penpals was returned to us (it had the correct address and everything). I thought maybe we should address the envelope to the mom, so we wrote a 2nd letter -- it's been almost a month and they still haven't gotten it. Meanwhile, the other girl Marguerite is supposed to write got her letter returned to her as well; it bore the correct address too. What gives, Philippine Postal System?


Sharkbytes said...

Having a pen pal or two sounds like a great international idea.

spinninglovelydays said...

It is! I hope we could have international penpals too soon - but with the way the local postal system has been running lately, i might have to think of an alternative. :(