Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art and Valentine

So how did your Valentine's Day go? We don't usually pay the day any attention in our family, but this year most of us felt like doing something relevant to the date. My mom gave Marguerite and Cameron heart-shaped cookie pops while Mark had Cameron give all the ladies in the house (myself, Marguerite, my mom/Nannie and my sister/Aunt Chip) a red rose each (didn't take a picture, tsk). He gave me a big box of chocolate mousse cake as well. Marguerite and I worked on a couple of Valentine's Day-related projects. We tried making gluten-free cake/brownie in a mug (mix was part-cocoa powder, part-powdered sugar; add one egg then nuke), which was a hit with Marguerite (I'm not sure that she really liked it or she was just proud of what she'd made herself), but was nothing the rest of us cared for. We also made fortune cookies with Valentine messages inside instead of the usual fortune or maxim. They were not the prettiest, but they were easy and fun to make.

Marguerite started taking art classes at Kidzart at the Fort, so our Saturdays have been spent around that area. As for her other lessons, she's not going back to ballet until after summer, but we're looking into another form of dance (like tap or hula - something that she can study short term). We're also thinking of switching to karate from taekwondo, but we'll see. I'm not sure if she'll go back to the swimming clinic either. Anyway, it's one summer and she's only 6. We'll go with whatever's fun for her.


Sharkbytes said...

Busy, busy times! Thanks for sharing. You are doing an awesome job.

Anonymous said...

i was about to post about valentine's day,too but haven't gotten the time to finish it.hehe. same here even after i told them i don't really do anything on v-day.i guess we know we are loved if our family does something with or without reasons just to make us feel special. my tiny heart is overwhelmed with so much love from my hubby's family. :)have a blessed day,ivy.

spinninglovelydays said...

@Sharkbytes: Thanks! Love being busy with my kids, as opposed to being too busy for them. :)

@Lalab: Thanks! Glad you have such great in-laws. :)