Monday, November 19, 2012

Noting Down Moments

It's obviously very busy still around here, but I thought perhaps you'd like to see some blurry, gritty images from my phone, so I'm posting a few. :)

picnic with Daddy

She's very scared of heights (like me), but she's trying to conquer the queasy feeling she gets from looking down from our window.

all tuckered out

all ready for a night out in Tagaytay, but was foiled by the weather

waiting for the car

I'm always the first one awake. Normally okay, but I didn't have chores this day. I was done with my early morning devotion too. What to do?

No worries. After a few, Little Cameron is up and ready to tear that thing off the wall.

Breakfast isn't until 8. Good thing there's plenty leftover from the "picnic".

Shush. Eats brie and camembert. Pasteurized. So faux, just like our Swiss vacation.

Is not considerate to sleeping people.

Notices that he hasn't latched on yet since waking up.

Out for a stroll

From last Saturday

Another visit to the UP Academic Oval

Just some moments, I'd like to remember:

Cameron was about 10 months old. His Aunt Chip was passing by his playpen (I was seated beside it), when she exclaimed, "Oh yeah, rock on!" I turned to look what was going on and Chip kept on gushing about Cam gesturing "Rock on!" What she thought to be devil horns was actually the sign for airplane.

Marguerite was asking to play with her dad, who told her no because he was watching TV. M came in dejected, so I sent her back with the following lines: "I'll never be six again. When you're old, you'll wish that you had chosen to play with me." Mark turned off the TV en seguida and the two started playing.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Got Us Some Faux Suisse Vacay

I'm 36. I had a birthday last Friday. The day before that, we went up to Tagaytay for an overnight stay at Crosswinds Resort Suites. It was gorgeous up there. The weather? More fickle than a silly lass with 10 suitors (how's that for a simile?)... Their cable channels didn't include Jack or QTV(?) so I missed Survivor, lol. I somehow missed all the replays, too. Busy weekend. I had to make do with reading recaps. Anyway, ridiculous to be going out of town and still panting to catch Survivor -- it's the only show I closely follow now. I'm so over Glee. It kind of irritates me now, in fact.


Looking at the pics, one thing is very apparent: I have to go on a diet. And get more exercise. Anyway, we had a picnic indoors because with the kids, we couldn't chance the weather. But our picnic stuff was ready so we just spread the blanket on the floor of our suite and had our picnic there.


After breakfast the following day, the sun was shining for the most part (that didn't stop the rain clouds from letting rip with seconds-long showers every now and then), so we got out of our pajamas (except the baby, who remained in his sleeper), threw some rags on and walked around. Strolled up the block to Santa's House and the village store. Took pictures.


Got back to shower and check out. Drove around. Found the pool and playground. Saw some really pretty birds. Naturally, I didn't get to catch any of them with the camera. Primarily because I didn't have the camera. We also hit the Christmas Store where I had to restrain myself from buying ceramic Christmas lighthouse lamp stuff and mistletoe-patterned china.


We were supposed to go to Bag of Beans for lunch, but ended up at Manos Greek Taverna, which had always interested me, but I never got to try eating there in the past. Food was okay. Marguerite insisted on ordering fish roe even after we'd explained that it was fish eggs and then she wouldn't have any because it was fishy. I actually liked it, better than the moussaka(?) i ordered. Anyway, thanks to the crazy weather, I got a cool birthday treat. A very, very pretty rainbow. The pictures don't do it justice. It was a long arc that ended somewhere in the trees below the hill where the taverna is on.


The rainbow left soon after, along with some of the fog, so we got a nice view of the lake.


We headed home and proceeded to hit practically every traffic jam in Santa Rosa and Metro Manila. The following day, my parents (November people as well - my mom's bday on the 7th and my dad's on the 14th) along with my family finally got to sample the newly opened Vikings at SM Marikina. Marguerite is below 4 ft, so we had to pay the kiddie amount for her. Cameron, being only a year old, got to eat for free. In the end, we should have paid for Cameron instead. Midge, very picky eater - Cameron, very enthusiastic eater...