Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From the Back Burner and Then Some

I've had this post stewing among the Drafts for more than a month now, lol. Finally decided to publish with some addition...

Marguerite has decided that she's going to be a vegetarian. We were watching one of Jamie Oliver's shows and in this particular episode, Jamie was cooking venison and rabbit. He was saying something like, "Now, we've got the venison and rabbit all cut up here..." and Marguerite, looking shocked, asked in a low voice, "What did he say?" My mind started racing, trying to think of a way to explain it so it doesn't sound gruesome. After a heartbeat, I said as carefully as I could, "In some places, they eat deer (Bambi! - I probably didn't need to explain that venison was deer since she probably just caught "rabbit" and didn't really care what venison was) and rabbits (bunnies!)." M just looked upset and didn't say anything. Finally I said, "Tell me what you're thinking." She replied, "Those poor animals." Aw, I was sorry she'd been shocked into finding out this truth, but at the same time I was thrilled that she could feel bad for the animals. I explained - as gently as I could - about eating chicken (she really doesn't like eating meat because she finds it tougher to chew and swallow them - obviously not the enthusiastic eater in the family; that's Cameron - but she's usually okay with "birds" and fish). Understandably, she was upset to learn that the chicken she eats also used to be alive, so she said she didn't want to eat animals anymore. Update: she sporadically still eats chicken and fish.

Btw, I made a stupid group deal purchase. A couple of them, actually - one for myself and one for Mark (intended for his birthday dinner). It was supposed to be for a romantic Manila Bay buffet cruise. The thing is, I'd unwisely made the purchase before I read reviews, which were all bad. I looked at the refund provision on the site - and it seemed like the easiest, most uncomplicated process in the world. My exchange with their customer support (hah!) started out pleasant, and then they kept on pushing their offer to refund me in credits. At first, I'd said no, but after subsequent repeated offers of this option despite me having already indicated my preference, I gave in. Anything for a quiet life, I thought. Foolishly, obviously. I made this annoying mistake in August and after much frustration, here we are in October, and I have yet to get my refund. In fact, I have yet to hear again from their helpful *snort* staff after I'd replied to their last email (more about verifying things) last week. I could complain to the DTI, I guess, but we'll see. Sorry if that bored you. Update: I'd heard from them. Still nothing concrete, more verification needed, it seems. It's November tomorrow. :(

We had a holiday from work last Friday on account of Eidh. We met up with a few friends and their kids for a playdate. We started late so the picnic ended up transpiring in the dark, lol - and then we headed over to Antipolo for unlimited cake. I stole these pics from Sam and Joyce because we only have a couple of pics that Mark took with his phone. For a photographer, he really doesn't seem to be that interested in taking pictures *eye roll* (that reminds me of something I saw on FB, something like: Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. lol)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

More about Their Birthday

I finally get to update again -- but it's still more about September, hee. These are pics from my phone.

Cameron had a smash cake session as well. My mom made carrot cupcakes, so I frosted one, decorated it a little and let the little guy have at it. This was M's smash cake session (I'd baked the cake - and as ugly as it was, it was pink and had little edible gold beads *cough*choking hazard*cough*, lol. Her pieces naturally didn't have the beads)


Hmph. Mark has better and more pics on his phone.

Here are some pics from Marguerite's birthday weekend: her cake (I'm not sure that's a D and the cake people misspelled "Nannie", but it's all good), and Sunday morning before church.


The two got these matching personalized big sister/little brother T-shirts from their friend Chloe, which I, of course, couldn't wait for them to wear, so here's the first time at an afternoon fellowship at our church.


That's about it, I guess...

Oh, except for this. TMI to follow: Today - after almost 2 years of no monthly visits, I get to surf the crimson wave again. I was hoping it wouldn't return as long as I was still Cameron's binky, but, oh well.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wake Me up (to Blog) When September Ends. Or Two Weeks after It Ends. Whatever.

For 3 Saturdays in September, my family was celebrating a birthday. On the 8th, it was Mark's - the two of us ran errands for the kids' birthday party and topped it off with dinner, which is really rare for us (a dinner date, not just dinner, lol). What does that say about us, that we went for an all-you-can-eat thing instead of a fancy, romantic thing? :D


September the 15th (Cameron's actual birthday), the kids had their birthday party at McDonald's. It was just a small party - only family and Marguerite's friends. Sometimes I fret that Cameron is getting at totally different mother from Marguerite's. I spent months planning M's 1st birthday party and it had lots of DIY stuff. Of course, for all my efforts, it bombed, so maybe doing a fast food party was part-disillusionment and part-"I didn't have the time"... Marguerite's mom, btw, didn't allow fast food and was incessantly bending over backwards to make every friggin moment special and to be just painstakingly "present". Cameron's mom is a fine mix of scattiness and exhaustion and just trying to make sure that the kids are at least fed and bathed... C is probably going to be the better-adjusted for it. To my immense guilt and self-beration, of course, but what else is new?

September 22nd (Marguerite's birthday), Marguerite woke up to flowers from her dad and baby brother and later we took the kids to a mall and M had a styling session (only a partial one because we'd just recently decided to put our foot down on letting her use make-up and nail polish - even kiddie ones; she was getting bumps on her face) at Club Princess, so she just had her hair done and got a glimmer tattoo. She also thinks she's collecting food erasers (rubber erasers that look like food), so she got some of those too.

September was super busy, but definitely special.