Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pics and the Mumps

Uh, hi! Super duper busy, but I got pics (old ones)...

These are from when my aunt from the States visited us...

Update: Marguerite had a mild case of the mumps last week. She caught it from a Sunday School classmate. That was okay with us. We chose not to vaccinate against that and the chicken pox and she's over both now. I've had the mumps, so this wasn't like the time Marguerite had the chicken pox. Now, we'll see how effective breast milk is in boosting the immune system. Mark and I absolutely sucked at quarantining Marguerite.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still a Post (and with Pics Too!)

Listen. I clearly don't have the time to blog, but when I do, there'll be a post about stargazing and Marguerite's return to ballet and introduction to taekwondo (speaking of which, congratulations to my cousin Jaymee for winning a silver medal at the recent college level tournament... Woot, Aunt Jaymee!). I could post about going to the Logos Hope as well, but there are no pics of us there since somebody who shall remain nameless (but whose name rhymes with Schmark Schmoze) conveniently left his camera bag after he had spent time getting it ready for that trip... But, hey, would you like pictures? I could post a few pics...

now don't get anything in an uproar... he's big, but he wasn't very mobile yet at that time and there was an adult at the foot of the bed...

somebody's obviously not really sleeping and just wanted to join the "sleeping" shot

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Missing Baby Marguerite

Yesterday, Marguerite lost her first tooth (center bottom or whatever technical name it has). It has been loose for several days. So has the one next to it, so that will probably go soon. The whole thing makes me sad. The losing of milk teeth, it implies something that I'm somehow not ready yet to accept: her going past the baby stage. Babycenter calls her a big kid, but I didn't bother to raise a ruckus when they started doing it (the same way I did when they started calling her a preschooler at 2). I'm just so sadly bereft of time and energy these days.

The thing is that it's probably because my attention is not focused on her the same way it used to be. I used to be on top of things, obsessively marking milestones, observing her progress, consciously exposing her to infinitely beneficial things... (all very much in a mercenary fashion, of course - I tried to seem laid back albeit all the stage-mother-fiending that I was actually doing). Now, with another child and me actually working full-time although home-based, my concentration, well, just isn't there.

I haven't taken a picture of her gapped-toothed smile yet, but I do have these:


There used to be plenty of this kind of pictures. There should always be. Lately, I've been missing Marguerite. She's right there, but I miss her. I miss the time when we did nothing but bond all day. I constantly remind her of our time in the apartment. We were sole companions to each other most days. She was 2-3 and she was enough company for me. I didn't mind not getting to talk and mingle with adults, not at all. In the afternoons, I'd take her out so she could play with other kids and none of the other mothers did that for their kids, so there I was hanging out with the yayas. I guess at some level, I must have been lonely or I thought things could be better, but overall I really didn't mind our setup. It was pretty close to how I would have liked to spend those days. Now, well... there's no point in griping. I'm blessed and I should focus on that.