Monday, October 10, 2011

Cameron This, Cameron That

My mom has Cameron and Marguerite is still sleeping, so here's an incoherent blog post.

That picture is pretty old (meaning about 2 weeks old -- Cameron is turning a month old on Saturday), but that will have to do for now. His recent shots show a pretty bad case of baby acne, which will hopefully clear up in a couple of weeks. He's still gorgeous and sweet, but that baby acne is a real bummer, so I'm not sharing those pics if I can help it. That thing on his hand is a diaper. The hospital staff used that to protect his hep-lock. There were some concerns about pus in his urine and the possibility of UTI, and while we were waiting for the urine-culture-wha? results, he was put on antibiotics (I know, I know) and the hep-lock was for that. Anyway, there were tests done on me and on the baby because of his size and the pus-thing, but we're both perfectly healthy. I didn't get sick while pregnant, and my blood sugar was fine... What I do have though is a mother who comes from a family of 9-pounders. Chip was 7.11 lbs (but she was almost 2 weeks early) when she was born and I was 8.4. My mom had a C-section both times, but she's 5'5". She and her siblings were all 9+ pounds with the exception of the youngest who was only 8+ pounds. My grandmother was about 5'7" or 5'8". Btw, I'm 4'11" (either I took after my dad or all those steroids I took for asthma as a kid stunted my growth) and was 75% pregnant belly most of my third trimester. People thought I was ready to give birth on my 6th month and when I was finally full term, they thought I was having twins.

Um, and people (Mark included) who keep on saying it's easier to clean up baby boys... I really don't see how. Maybe I'm just not used to it.

I had some trouble with Cameron's name because while I do like the name, it wasn't really particularly significant to me. And if you know me, you know that things have to be significant... *eye roll* Marguerite's name is exactly what I wanted: French, from nature, the name of one of my favorite fictional characters (Marguerite Blakeney, née St. Just of The Scarlet Pimpernel)... Anyway, I've been trying to come up with reasons why the name Cameron could be significant to me, and the following are just some of the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

- I was a fan of Kirk Cameron (not!).
- My hair back in the '80s was as thick (THICKER and FRIZZIER) as that of Candace Cameron (yes, but who'd name a baby after somebody for that reason?).
- I sometimes think I might have a crush on David Cameron (jk! Okay, that's semi-true, whatever "semi-true" means. In my defense, he does give impassioned speeches...).
- I love Cameron Mackintosh musicals (absolutely gaga over Les Miz -- so this could actually be legit... which reminds me, I used to say that I'd name my son Marius just so I could say to him, "Marius, you're late" a la Enjolras, lol... And, no, no matter how much I loved Enjolras' character, I couldn't get myself to name my son after him... TOTAL SEGUE: Who else is excited over the movie version of Les Miz the musical?!?! I am flippin' excited, but I'll never forgive them if they cast UNDERWHELMING singers. NEVER!).
- Mark is a huge fan of Matt Cameron (former Soundgarden drummer, currently with Pearl Jam - definitely a fascinating drummer to watch).
- My mom is a huge fan of Cameron Mitchell of the Glee Project.

PS. If you have baby acne wisdom to share, please do so...

PPS. I know this sounds a little Catch 22, but the baby blues are in! Too many moments of weeping and thinking somebody is a real tool... lol


Sharkbytes said...

A little Philippine boy with a Scottish name and a sister with a French name. We are becoming so global!

Steve's paperwork says he had baby acne, but it was all cleared up before we got him at 6 months.

I know just nothing about little babies, but I wonder if Orientals are more prone to this. I don't hear about it much here. Who am I kidding? I try to avoid hearing about infants in general. I'll make an exception for Cameron! Are you going to call him Cam?

Well... he's adorable. Does he have a middle name? I'm sure you'll find a pet name for him that you are more comfortable with.

Maya said...

Hi Mommy Ivy! Hope you're feeling better now. If I may suggest, try searching for Oasis Soothing Baby oil in between your weepy moments (just kidding!)for your baby's acne. It's all-natural so it won't add to your worries. :) Hope this helps!

P.S. I know this has no connection to your post whatsoever, but I'm glad I found another mom who may be thinking the same way as I do, when it comes to children's learning, coz I've read that you somehow have an inclination to unschool,which I'm now doing to my 9, 6, and 2-year old daughters. Although I still hope to be able to meet, and I mean in person, a mom who unschools an older child, coz I'm thinking it's quite acceptable in homeschooling world to unschool young children, but most of them jump to homeschooling with curriculum and all, when their kids reach the age of 7 and up.
Anyway, I do hope to meet you in person, too! Maybe sometime, when you've adjusted to being a mom of two. :D

swirlyagelessmind said...

our baby is so handchum.<3

spinninglovelydays said...

@Sharkbytes: I was wondering if Caucasians were more prone to it since none of the babies we know (have known) had it, lol... My mom calls him Cam, but I haven't resorted to a nickname yet. We opted not to give second names to the kids (middle name here is either your mother's maiden name, if you're single, or your own maiden name, if you're married). I'm actually fine with the name. There's just something in me that wants things all "significant", lol

@Maya: Hi! Thanks for the tip. Will look for it. I'm actually going with the eclectic setup, but will probably go independent all the way through. I'd love to know somebody local too who's unschooling an older kid. I'll let you know if/when I find them. :) Hope to meet you soon too!

@Chip: handchum funchum

The Darkest Night said...

Well, I think Cameron is a lovely name...but "Cameron, you're late" doesn't really have the same ring to it! LOL J/k, I think it's a great name! :-) and he sooo cute!!

And yes..of course I'm looking forward to the Les Miz movie! I just really really really hope they won't cast a bad Enjolras....(or skip the character compleatly)...

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Annika!:) I actually have this fear that they would cast Justin Bieber as Enjolras (yikes, I might be giving them ideas, lol). I hope they keep Enjolras too. He's integral! I do know that they fused his character with that of Marius in that blasted Claire Danes-Liam Neeson movie.

The Darkest Night said...

Hush!! Don't give them ideas like that!! lol
Yeah, they ruined Enjolras in that movie... a great Enjolras..that's all I ask for in the new that too much to ask, huh??

Lalab said...

Thanks for sharing pictures! Baby Cameron is sooooo cute! ;) Blessings more to you and your family, Ivy. :)