Sunday, September 11, 2011

Online Cops?

I really wish there was a better Internet police out there. A certain paid post program owes me close to a hundred dollars. It has been more than 3 payout schedules and I have yet to receive a cent from them (they paid me in the past - could be part of their scam). My emails have been ignored, but they have the nerve to keep on sending me more paid post opportunities. I guess I’ll post a warning against that program soon. There’s really nothing I can do, but that and remove all those unpaid for posts. To whom do you complain about something like that, right? I supposed I could also contact their clients and inform them that the program is not paying its bloggers. I’m giving birth soon though, so who has time for that? Or the matter of plagiarism… honestly, would you consider spinning plagiarism? What if the original article was also written by you? Anyway, these are just some thoughts. There are more grievous Internet offenses committed out there… life-threatening ones. I guess legislators have to work double time to keep up with all the felonious or criminal things that could go on the Internet. I suppose somebody’s working on technology law even as I write this. It’s just that the Internet is kind of like some unknown frontier still. Anyway, common caution should be practiced.