Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping for Scrubs

I’m determined to have Mark right there with me when I give birth. Is this desire born out of vindictiveness or a genuine desire to share that special moment with him? Mostly, the latter, I think, but there’s also a part of me that wants to go, “See what I have to go through?” Anyway, my doctor is a little concerned that Mark may not be equal to the experience. They’ve had cases of husbands suddenly feeling faint from all the blood and gore and before they knew it, they had a second patient on their hands. I think Mark’s stomach can handle it. He could even really get into it and don scrubs for men. That could get confusing though. I can already hear somebody saying, “Who’s that incompetent nurse who keeps on getting in the way?”
It would be interesting to shop for scrubs anyway. Over at, they have some for kids. I’m sure Marguerite would be adorable in kiddie scrubs. It might even inspire her to be a doctor. Are there many homeschooled doctors out there?


Nikka said...

What hospital will you give birth at? My friend was planning on doing a home birth (there ARE doulas here apparently) but changed her mind after she realized all the cleanup she'd have to go through.

Anyway, they usually allow the dads in unless you're having a C.

spinninglovelydays said...

Still vacillating, but definitely somewhere near here. Thought about doing a home birth too, but this is my parents' house and too many medical whatifs went through my mind... so we decided against it.