Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Christian Schools for Troubled Teens

I may have been angst-ridden as a teen, very prone to depression, which even caused me to drop out of school for a time, but I could never really classify myself as troubled. I was just angry about being a kid and finding myself unhappy with my situation all the time. I love being different now, but back then, it made for many moments of insecurity. Anyway, when I became a teacher, I encountered students who were truly troubled. And unlike me, they did not have the support of two loving parents and a stable home life. There were many times when I felt that I was so much more naïve and innocent than they were and that I did not know where they were coming from despite my years ahead of them. I thought then that it would be wonderful if they could be in a place where they could just heal. Somehow, school was just adding to their problems and not many teachers took the time to consider their students' setup at home. For them, their classes were the priority and their demands were to be met without delay. Some of those students were really better off attending schools for troubled teens. That way, their needs would be catered to more properly. They would have teachers who were trained and qualified to deal with them. The kids could get the proper help they needed instead of the bumbling efforts, no matter how well-intentioned, of somebody like yours truly who's just not equipped with any know-how regarding that matter. For kids who've suffered trauma, schools for troubled teens could be a place of refuge. If trouble is originating from home, therapeutic boarding schools will help immensely. A place run by Christians is preferable, of course. After all, true change and healing stem from a spiritual renewal.


Rhina said...

Children who suffered trauma really need guidance in order to heal effectively. Good thing there are institutions that offer specialized services for mentoring and guiding troubled kids. I couldn't imagine the situation if there are no schools for them. Who will give the support that they truly need? Whom will they turn to if they need someone to talk to? Yes, their families will be there but still, special attention is vital for full recovery.