Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Amazingly, our iPod charger still works even if it has lost its shell (case? cover? -- just the part that you plug into the iPod itself) more than two years ago. Marguerite went through a phase when she would collect all the loose cables (and Mark always has plenty - not really lying around, but quite easily accessible to a curious toddler - and yes, we’ve heard of babyproofing) and just, well, line them up (that has always been fun for her, collecting things of a kind and sort of setting them up as a display). I tried to discourage her from the wire thing since even if she was past putting things in her mouth, she would still be handling something that might have lead or whatnot on it. I don’t really know much about those things. I could recognize things like cables for s-video and those USB things, even if I didn’t really know what to call them. I know there is always an ethernet cable knocking about somewhere for some reason. I’ve had to look up Ethernet on Wikipedia since I was curious about the ether part - did it have something to do with that thing used to knock people unconscious? Anyway, I wasn’t comfortable letting my daughter play with them, even if I was watching. Of course, there was also the fact that those wires might have been important or cost money and Marguerite wasn’t always careful with them, as in the case of the iPod charger that got schlepped around one time too many.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Steve used to line things up like that too... wonder what makes kids do that?

Pinoy Working Mom said...

Oh little children, just so curious about anything. The more you restrict them on something, the more that they wanted to get hold of it.

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