Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some Thoughts on Having Pets

Pets… something that I always want to have, but it never seems to be the right time or right place for them. The last big pet I had was Maggie, the beautiful part-Collie, part-who knows that Mark gave me while I was doing my undergrad thesis. That meant housebreaking while I was toiling over graduation. I wanted the puppy too, but in hindsight, that probably wasn’t a good time to get one. Now, as you know, we have Buddy and Boy, Marguerite’s hamsters. Next door, my cousins have Jackie, the dog, and in our compound, we have any number of stray cats somebody made a mistake of feeding a long time ago, so now they’re here to menace the garden and their poop stinks up the place and is something that the helpers have to deal with on a regular basis. I suppose they’d go if they weren’t continually fed by somebody, who as it happens is even me sometimes. Anyway, I’d love a dog or a cat, and I know Marguerite would too, but there are many things to consider. Budget is one of them. There’s feeding, vet bills, medication, and other effects. The expense would practically be tantamount to adding another person to the household. Pet medicine could be quite steep. Unlike human pharmacies, pet pharmacies don’t seem to have the generic equivalent. In fact, you usually have to get the medicine from the vet himself. I was reading PetCareRx Reviews though and found out that you can get pet medicine and other pet products (brands that are all EPA and FDA approved) at as low as 50% of the commercial price. I’ll keep that in mind when we finally get that cat or dog, or if the hamsters get sick.