Monday, May 31, 2010

Researching at Home

I've been slaving away at the salt mines - if "slaving" meant a little more than 5 hours a week and the "salt mines" meant in front of a computer monitor in a relatively comfortable room... What a way to exaggerate just for a dramatic intro. And I don't really know anything about salt mines, except for that one I visited with Miss Bianca (you know, the mouse in that book by Margery Sharp...). Exaggerating and then name dropping, how much more can you tolerate before I get to the point? It would be good if I actually had a point, lol. Anyway, I've been writing, as usual, thankfully about things I'm quite interested in. Of course, to successfully effect expertise I have to do a lot of research. That's not a problem either. I actually like researching. It's a lot like detective work if you think about it. Okay, not really a lot like it, but maybe just a little bit. You get to the answer either way. It's so cool that I don't have to leave this chair to do research. What with google and wiki and free pdf download, I'm pretty much all set. Isn't the Internet amazing? I'm personally thankful for it. By giving me the option to work at home, it has definitely made being a SAHM possible for me.

I Was Going to Call This Post "Resurrection", BUT...

...that's just being a windbag. And also maybe a little sacrilegious, hee hee. Hi! I think I'm back! We've finally moved, but not where we thought we would, but it's all good. I'm finally back in my beloved Marikina. Anyway, so many things have happened and there are plenty of pictures I could share, but that will just have to be for another time. The drive to blog isn't completely back yet. Plus I want to change my header, but I need to get properly cranked to get back in the swing of blogging things. This blogging catatonia really isn't good. I missed posting about that Glee episode with some of my most favorite things ever in it (I'm a Les Miz nut; "Dream a Little Dream/Les Yeux Ouverts" was in my wedding playlist; love tap dance - shufflehopstepbuffalo1buffalo2...; Artie finally got to dance!)... More about my recent travails soon. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Wouldn't Mind Homesteading in an RV

As we've been consumed with the thought of moving for quite some time now, I'd considered a bunch of alternatives to renting. There's buying a condo unit even though I'm not convinced that I like living in an apartment building after having done so for more than a year. There's moving in back with my folks, which I almost always nix right away even if they're great (just an issue of independence). There's even buying a plot of land and an RV. I actually really like the third idea and have been looking at rv motorhomes. My grandmother did that for a while when she was living in San Bernardino. She bought this top-of-the-line RV and lived close to friends of hers. She was forced to sell it and live in a house again when her friends decided to move to Palm Springs. Anyway, an RV would come in handy with all the camping we hope to do. Oh you should see my face when I wrote that. I've gone to a lot of camps and I've done some real camping in my time, but usually against my will and better judgment, lol. Hopefully, Marguerite will be more rugged than me and not cling too much to the comforts of civilized living.

I Started Posting about Homeschooling...

I'm feeling a bit guilty about the lack of structured homeschooling around here. I'm sure Marguerite is learning a lot just by being, but far be it from me not to find the excuse to feel guilty. Is guilt really part of my nature or is it a force of habit? I'm sick of it. Anyway, what I'm mostly doing in lieu of actual homeschooling (gosh, will I stop it already? My daughter is all of 3 friggin years old! If her play is not within my conscious and controlled scheme, it honestly is not detrimental to her!), I'm reading a lot of Waldorf homeschooling blogs. I've bookmarked a gazillion projects I plan to do with Marguerite when we finally move. It's not very carpe diem, but that's actually quite within my character. I hate it. And I hate the not-so-subtle hints of self-loathing I'm revealing in this post. Anyhoo, in other news: I'm devastated that Law and Order is ending. I stopped watching it when the Crime and Suspense channel wouldn't show any new episodes (before the channel was ultimately dissolved), but Sam Waterston was supposed to go on forever as Jack McCoy even if I'd stopped watching. I first discovered Chris Noth (one of my personal Hollywood's Handsomest - Brad Pitt and Leo di Caprio don't make it, lol) there. And in further blather, Clueless was on HBO yesterday. I can't believe the movie is almost twenty years old. That's depressing. Oh and I was watching The Mentalist the other day and Robin Tunney's character said, "Bite me" and it made me happy. Robin will always be that girl in The Craft to me. What else? More inane thoughts running through my head, but I think I'll spare you. :)

Moving and Skin Woes

I'm not really back yet, but I thought I'd post something before this blog fades into oblivion without my meaning it to. There's really nothing new except that I'm still workings, taking care of Marguerite, and trying to pack. I don't think the place we'll be moving into will be ready by the time we vacate our current apartment, but I'm trying not to let that stress me out. If I don't think about it, it does go away. In any case, I'm not in the position to do anything about it, so nothing's on my shoulders. Another thing of note (to me) is that my skin has cleared up. I got a free pack of soap for something I posted on this blog and I'm afraid it didn't really agree with me. I started getting bumps and my complexion kind of turned sallow. I stopped use of that soap and my skin got better in no time. That ought to teach me to stick to natural stuff. Something I'm really interested in right now is the tamanu oil benefits. It's actually something that has long been in use locally as a healing herb around here, but it's quite the trendy plant right now when it comes to skin care. It might be worth it to give it a try.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Just, Well... Here.

Sigh. I have so much to blog about, but I'm swamped with work. Also, I'm waiting for pictures to be uploaded so I could include them here, but the memory card is whe? and Windows 7 is wha? and I'm just 37 different kinds of blah... Excuses, excuses... The fact is that, other than work and taking care of Marguerite, I've not been in the mood to do anything. I'm trying to pack up, but having a three-year-old who's bent on undoing any kind of work I put into that is not exactly encouraging. My mind is consumed with other things right now and blogging is not exactly a priority. Not to worry though. This blog isn't about to die. I just need a break, a fresh start in a new home (which at this point is still undecided), and the blogging momentum will pick up again. Don't desert me, blogging buddies. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day and Late May Day Pics

Lookit! This was the wallpaper that greeted me when I turned on the computer this morning. Marguerite would have been about six months here. Good thing the compulsion to check my email made me go online or I'd have missed it. Thanks, Mark and Marguerite! And Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, especially my mom!

I'll blog about our church's DVBS week, but that'll have to be another time. It was a roaring success as far as I'm concerned and all the glory goes to God. :) I might have actually lost some weight too! lol

I didn't have time to post this at the beginning of the month, but here's our May Day project. Marguerite and I made paper baskets and then picked flowers to hang on her Nannie's front door handle. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gone for the Week (DVBS)

Taking a week-long hiatus. Staying at my parents' to teach DVBS this week. Summer heat + preschool children=big weight loss (I hope!).