Thursday, December 23, 2010

Updating My Accounts

I received an offer from LinkfromBlog this morning and when I checked it out, my account is still affiliated with my old blogspot address. I had to ditch the opp - which is a bummer - since I needed to fix my account info. It occurred to me that I needed to update my account with several other similar paid blogging programs as well.  Some of them still have my blogspot address, while others that are more recent lack the www bit (which I've already mentioned here spells a huge difference when it comes to Page Rank).  That's like starting over. I have to "claim" my blog all over again for one, but if it means getting the paid opps, then no worries.With LinkfromBlog, I have to post a counter. With other programs, it meant posting key phrases like "Men love to play with kitchen utensils"or "Don't you wanna dance".
Here's to more blogging opps in the future...


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