Thursday, December 23, 2010

To Click or Not to Click

This is such a crazy busy time. I have not been able to do my clicks lately and that means less income from sites like Adgitize and CMF. With Adgitize, since I buy ads from them, I made a sort of rule for myself: I’ll allow myself to advertize only if I use the money I earn from them as well. That means I have to earn at least 14 dollars a month. That’s very achievable, most of the time, with a little profit even, but that means I have to do my 51 clicks. That’s usually fun when I have the time. I like reading blogs and leaving comments on posts that piqued me to react somehow. I really don’t mind the clicks, although it can be a real pain to my mouse manipulating hand. I like choosing which blog to visit next. Now, I’ve been doing this long enough to know which blogs would probably offer some sort of interest for me. And then there are the new advertizers, about whom I’m usually curious, especially if they have nice badges. I’m really quite juvenile about that sometimes. I guess it does pay to have a nice logo. I think mine is pretty because it’s essentially my daughter’s face, but I really didn’t put in much trouble or creativity in that one. I got a picture which I thought was somehow related to the essence of my blog, cropped it, and added the text. I’m not sure how persuasive it is as a clickable badge. I suppose if I really want something that fascinates, I could consult a Logo Design Company. Speaking of these things, my sister thinks I should change my header as well. I’ve been meaning to do that for the longest time, but I’m procrastinating as usual.


chubskulit said...

Just don't forget to clikc mine nyahahaha... Yup 51 clicks is a pain sometimes, I advertise one of my blogs every month..

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I love your banner- it's what made me find your blog in the first place.

the kano said...

I appreciate the fact that you still visit my site although I have removed Adgitize a long time ago. I did get some additional visitors from them when I used it and met a nice bunch of bloggers through it.

Vera said...

I'm not sure my badges are clickable, but I can't think of a replacement badge, specially for my main domain

spinninglovelydays said...

@Rose: Don't worry, I always drop by at least one of your blogs, unless I really didn't visit any blog that day.

@Sharkbytes: Thanks! I'll keep it on the homepage somewhere, but Midge was not even 1 yr old in those pics, so I need to show a more recent lovely day.

@Dave: There are many blogs I visit outside the Adgitize system, these would be blogs I'm personally interested in.

@Vera: I guess it really depends on the clicker's taste. Your verabear badge appealed to me in my early days at Adgitize, so those visits were a result of your badge being clickable.

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