Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21

Marguerite knows when she's sick. She tells me. The thing is, sometimes she likes to pretend too, so I have to work harder to see if she's serious or just play acting. Yesterday, she took a Rip Van Winklish nap after the pageant general rehearsals and when she woke up, she said, "I'm sick. My throat hurts. Take my temperature." I thought at first that she was just pretending, but I took her temperature anyway and it was lower than 37, so I thought she was just playing. Before going to bed however, she came into the room saying that her head hurt and it seemed to me that she did feel warm. I took her temp and she had a slight fever. We prayed and claimed healing. Christmas pageant and kids' department party today and we'll be there.

Anniversary day... 14 years as a couple, 6 years married. Here are pics from the early days of our marriage...


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Wow- congrats on your anniversary! I used to get so annoyed with people who would say things like- "only 6 years, you're just starting," because I always felt like I had learned an awful lot in those 6 years and I didn't want people to discount them. So... I know you have learned and grown, and I'm wishing you many more!

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks! You're right. I've learned SO MUCH... Almost all of the experiences have been new.

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