Thursday, December 16, 2010

Clickbooth CPC

You can’t blame me for getting excited over Clickbooth. After being banned from Adsense for reasons I had no control over (clickers could either intentionally sabotage you or could be ignorant enough to think they’re helping when they’re effectively causing you to lose your account - I just wish there had been some warning from Google, a sort of heads-up that suspicious activity was going on, so I could have informed or made an appeal to whoever it was or tried to investigate the IP address. And now, even worse, they wouldn’t let my sister get an account with them either since she’s connected to me… h-anyway…), I haven’t made earnings from a CPC network. Even better, Clickbooth has sort of forged a battle of Google AdWords vs. Clickbooth and you know how I love cheering for the underdog. I really like the cockiness, the fearless challenge, since after all, to quote my husband after I’d told him about it, “Google owns the Internet. And maybe Facebook,” (which, if you know how my brain works, leads me to musings about the antichrist, hee). Maybe Google will always remain top dog, but that doesn’t mean that there could only be a monopoly. Let others be just as successful (and help me and the others whom they’ve declared personae non gratae). Anyway, Clickbooth gives me hope. Maybe it’ll help me get over my bitterness over the Adsense thing, lol.
Essentially, Clickbooth has been around for some years now. The CPC part is a fairly new division and is really geared toward competing with Adwords. With the following benefits: access to thousands of big name advertizers (they are promised new market with undervalued click costs, access to billions of exclusive Clickbooth impressions, advanced targeting by keyword, category, or location, etc.), yield optimized ad delivery, real-time reporting to track earnings, etc. their promise of the best payouts in the business is quite feasible. You could become an affiliate and earn more. Their working theory in optimizing CPC for publishers is that targeting the most efficient keywords guarantees minimal cost per click in comparison to the sales generated. This way, the publishers’ ad inventory continuously expands, generating incremental revenue and better web traffic earnings.

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