Monday, November 29, 2010

Star of Wonder, Star of...

Night? Light? Might? I've never really been sure. :D
Remember the origami item on my 34 Things to Do list? Well, I've started on it and thus far, I've learned 4 new patterns and intend to learn more. Paper folding is a lot of fun. I know Marguerite has been learning to make boats and hats in Sunday School, so I hope she'll be ready for more complicated patterns soon, lol. I showed her the other day how to make origami lucky stars and she loves them. She can't make them herself yet, so she demands that I make them for her. She's in charge of making pretty paper (she colors newsprint) to cut into strips we use for the stars. We also use unimportant ad pages from magazines. Anyway, she collects the stars and keeps them in a box. We'll probably turn them into some sort of Christmas d├ęcor. Or not. Marguerite is all about collecting them for now. Chip offered to make bracelets and necklaces with the stars, but Marguerite told her she didn't want that and protectively put her hands on top of the box with all the air of a lucky star hoarder/miser. Maybe she'll change her mind when she sees how pretty a lucky star accessory is.


Chin chin said...

I tried to do those Lucky stars also following the instructions I read from another blog I visited. But I haven't been really good yet at making those stars, I'll try them again because my 2nd daughter likes them, too.

spinninglovelydays said...

The process is easier to do with stiffer paper. Try again. :)