Friday, November 5, 2010

Must Have Rhythm

I’m not strictly following the Waldorf approach in homeschooling, but it does have many features that appeal to me. I love the emphasis on art, learning from nature, etc. At the age where Marguerite is right now, I particularly appreciate the rhythm in the home that we observe. I think it serves my personality and calms it down as well. I’m a stickler for sequence and accomplishing tasks, but I need to be less anal about it. Rhythm works well both with myself and my daughter. Marguerite actually depends on the rhythm and kind of falls apart when it is disturbed (a tendency I have as well, lol). I can imagine important things falling out of our days without the observance of this rhythm - worship time, Spanish time, quiet time… Anyway, this just reminded me of something that happened a couple of nights ago. Our bedtime routine is to get in bed (we still co-sleep), pray, read books, then turn out the light just leaving a night lamp on (to cast eerie shadows on rustic bedroom furniture :D). Sometimes, if Marguerite still isn’t sleepy, we recite verses or sing lullabies. That night, Marguerite fell asleep during prayer. The following day, she woke up expecting to read the books we had set aside for the reading the previous night. Either she had no idea 11 hours had already elapsed or she just didn’t care.


The Kano said...

I have a daily rhythm, too, and it's hard for me to adjust to any changes in it. Really had that rhythm changed when I moved to the Philippines last year, but it doesn't take long to establish a new one and get comfortable with it.