Monday, November 29, 2010

How about an I *Heart* Sheldon Cooper shirt?

I was over at Cafepress earlier and giggling at the funny slogans on the T-shirts. I’m especially partial to geek humor so you can safely assume that I like “The Big Bang Theory”-inspired shirts, like that Bazinga shirt! I love Sheldon! I have a weird crush on him, lol. I like geeky jokes and geek rock and geeky people… could it be because I’m a geek myself? I’d say, nothing so lofty. I’m a self-confessed dork, but my uncoolness has nothing to do with smarts, lol. Going back to shirts, I also want the Old School shirt and the Cat Says Mu shirt and the… I guess I have a long list of Cafepress funny t-shirts that I want. I want to get some for my sister too since she’s usually my companion when watching “The Big Bang Theory”. I think she’ll like the Knock Knock Knock Penny T-shirt and the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock one. They’re definitely great Christmas gift ideas since most people appreciate witty lines or quotes on shirts. While there, I remembered that I actually have ideas for custom shirts, but most of them have to do with Christianity and my blog. It would be awesome to have a Spinning Lovely Days shirt giveaway. Speaking of which (my blog, I mean), I have to remember to get those business cards done soon. I actually have a whole bunch of printing to be done, most of them related to the holidays, so this HP coupon code might come in handy.