Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Celebrations to Come

After the first batch of -ber celebrations, the second batch approaches. First comes my mother’s birthday - she’ll be turning 60 and officially becoming a senior citizen at the same time. I think she has made her peace with that, lol. Two days after is my own birthday, but digits-wise, it’s not anything exciting. While I’m not completely at peace with the numerical indication (I think 34 is both boring and depressing, lol. I suspect I’ll be more excited about turning 35…), I am happy for the blessing of years. A week exactly after my mom’s birthday is my dad’s. This clearly means more expenses. Even if we try to keep thrifty in celebration, we would still go over the regular monthly budget. If we had foresight, we’d have saved up for the eventualities of the month. Thankfully, we’re very conservative about money. The Filipino caricature, however, is sometimes painted as a person who would sink himself in debt just to be able to offer a feast for special occasions. We laugh about that here, but I have a suspicion that the stereotype would apply to quite a number out there. There would be many who would hunt up instant payday loans to be able to make occasions truly special. Having to pay the loan off would be totally worth it to those who value the experience of getting to celebrate “properly”.