Friday, September 24, 2010

Storage Dilemma

As I have mentioned here before, we’re temporarily living with my parents again. About 80 percent of our stuff is in storage right now. It’s a good thing we have that bodega on the property so we don’t have to rent space for storage, but it’s not actually a good place for storage anymore. For the moment we’re making do. For starters, since it’s unoccupied by humans and hardly get any activity, it’s probably crawling with vermin. Besides being gross, those disgusting little (or maybe not so little, ugh) creepy crawlies can also be very destructive. You would want to keep your stuff in a clean and dry place with ample security and easy access, right? Our bodega might be accessible, but I’m not certain if the ceiling is free from leaks or if it’s even really a safe place. For sure, nobody’s standing guard at the door. It’s the rainy season right now and I have books in those boxes. Sigh. In places that get a lot of rain, such as Seattle or London (Self Storage South Wimbledon area is probably popular among tennis enthusiasts who make the pilgrimage during tournament season), people looking for storage spaces should really check for dryness. Even if no rain water comes in, the place could still get damp. Okay, I think I’ve convinced myself. I’m getting antsy for real right now. I’m going to insist to Mark that our stuff be transferred to the old maid’s quarters in my grandparents’ house.