Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing Office

Right after college, I had a business that I didn’t really want. I’ve never been particularly business-minded, but my father didn’t encourage employment. He wanted us to be our own bosses and was willing to lend us the capital. It might have been a great idea, but I suppose there should have been training in business to precede the carrying out of this ideal. What we had a lot of training of instead was being children. We were les enfants terrible way past our teenage years. My mother did own a preschool and she was a great teacher, but she ran the thing like a charity program. She didn’t really care to make it profitable as she saw it more of a ministry. I later taught in that preschool as well, but I never involved myself in administration matters. Anyway, since my grandparents had plenty of commercial properties in this city (the majority sold in the last year of their lives - sickness, impractical business practices, spoiled children, a drug addict son, etc.), I didn’t have to worry about rent in my overhead. I furnished this space to be my office - an office that barely saw me - with a desk, a file cabinet, cheap office chairs, etc. It was really just like a bigger version of my daughter’s toy office. I played at having a business. I didn’t do any active marketing or research or anything else you’re supposed to do in business. I got bored and disillusioned with the thing, got myself a job and paid my dad for the loan.


The Kano said...

My sister-in-law that lives with us in rural Guimaras just opened her own preschool this year, and really loves teaching the kids. But she had to make sure everyone knew it wasn't a charity as she is the only source of income for her family. Her husband doesn't have a job, and work is hard to find here.

spinninglovelydays said...

I remember reading about the nutrition party at her school. I wish her well on that. :)