Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marguerite's Birthday

Here are pictures from my daughter’s birthday. I never got around to baking that cake, but I’ll do it today or tomorrow. Mark got a mango cake from the bakeshop and since Marguerite was expecting strawberries, I just added 4 pieces of strawberries from a can. I jazzed it up with a fondant M and strawberry, as well as candles to make it look more birthday-ly. I made a cape and a puppet theater set (freaky cat - looks really evil, not intentional - and freaky frog, pig’s semi-okay). Sometime soon we’re going to dye the playsilks I got her.
We also got her a couple of pets. We’d love to have a dog or a cat, but since we’re temporarily living with my parents again, it’s not the right time for housebreaking anything. We were supposed to get Marguerite a goldfish, but two days before her birthday, we saw a video of a hamster eating porridge (because we were having a Pease Porridge Hot chanting spell at that time) and she started gushing how cute it was and wanted to watch the other hamster videos. I got the idea and presented it to Mark, who agreed with it. So now, we have two hamsters here whose names keep on changing every hour. We’re hoping Marguerite will finalize them today, so we can actually call the hamsters something.
We were supposed to go to Snow World, but my mom wanted us back in time for dinner, so Mark and I decided to postpone that trip closer to Christmas (not that close, probably November) for better atmosphere. We ended up at Fun Ranch instead, which is always fun for little kids. Marguerite got to play putt-putt and bowling for the first time.
We got back in time for dinner. My mom ordered a cake from her baking whiz cousin who insisted on giving the cake as a gift instead. This time, my cousins were there to celebrate with us, so they spent the evening playing with the hamsters and watching the Glee replay (Rachel Berry got pwned by Sunshine Corazon!).
Anyway, Marguerite said it was a happy birthday, which was the whole point, so YAY!


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Looks like a pretty amazing party. I used to make a really big deal out of our boy's days too. It's a little "scary" to see myself in so many of your posts! Best wishes to the Birthday Girl.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Sharkbytes. It's a lot of work, isn't it? But so worth it to see the delight in their faces. :)