Saturday, September 4, 2010

Leave Things Simple, a Lesson for Baking Newbies

Marguerite and I baked another cake yesterday, just a simple white cake with frosting that may not look it, but had gone awry. It's okay, but due to an adventurous spirit and daring for experimentation, it turned out not quite what I had intended it to be.
First and foremost, I had a couple of hysterical moments because, just after I had greased and floured the cake pan, Marguerite decided to etch figures on it with her finger. Second, after I had poured the batter into the pan, Marguerite got hold of a fork and started dragging it through the thing. Other than those instances, it's really fun doing that with my daughter. Although in retrospect, those parts were actually fun too, like House of Horrors sort of fun. Of course, my mom, Chip and Cheska wonder why it's not as fluffy as the usual cake. With a preschool helper in the vicinity, the mixing is both overdone and done in varying directions. Anyway, they still eat it.
Now, the story about the frosting. I made a simple creamy butter frosting. It turned out fine, but I'm not really the simple sort of person. In many cases, I believe "more is more" (to quote Rachel Zoe, hehe - Chip watches "The Rachel Zoe Project"). So the thing is, I thought I'd make half of the frosting vanilla, and the other half, chocolate. I didn't have a recipe, but hey! Here's some chocolate extract in the pantry. I'll just add a drop, so if it's a disaster in the making, I can easily remedy things, but two other drops followed. Essentially, it still looked vanilla, but it had this weird alcohol taste. Okay, what to do, what to do... I started looking for real chocolate (which we had, but I didn't find - Mom has been hiding things from Marguerite's curious ransacking) and all I could find was a couple of Oreos. Okay, I thought, we can just make it Cookies and Cream (which my mom doesn't like, btw, even as an ice cream flavor), no harm, no foul. Not much anyway. That side of the cake is a little over the top in sweetness, but still okay - if you remember to get only little portions at a time...


swirlyagelessmind said...

I love how our house always smells great.:)