Thursday, September 2, 2010

Autumn Wishes and Remembering the Old Babycenter Boards

 One of my fall memories

Autumn is about to begin in other parts of the planet. I just went through the fall issue of Rhythm of the Home and I started thinking about it. Sigh. I wish we had autumn here. It's easily my favorite season. I love the turning of the leaves. I love the smells. I love the weather. I love the anticipation for the holidays... et cetera, et cetera. My wedding was actually done in fall colors. How unfortunate that that seemed to be the motif du jour around that time. Garr, I hate it when my taste coincides with the trend, lol. Anyway, all the birthdays here happen in the fall, except for Chip's, which is right after Christmas on Boxing Day, but everybody from my parents to Marguerite is a -ber baby.
Having said that, Mark's birthday is on the 8th and Marguerite's is on the 22nd (official start of fall, but here it's the time for crazy intensity typhoons). My thoughts and energy are currently consumed with preparation for those days. Marguerite's gifts from us are all to be handmade, except one, and with less than 20 days to go, I really need to get crackin'!
In relation to her birthday, I've been gathering details from Marguerite's earlier years. I've mentioned here before how her check-up books (also my pregnancy ones) and 1st year calendar were lost in the flood. All that diligent recording (all the firsts, all the milestones...) gone kaput... I used to be super active over at the old Baby Center Boards and shared everything from percentiles and measurements to funny moments and developmental whatsits. I thought I could go back and read through my old posts, but BBC decided to do an overhaul in 2008 and the old message boards have now been deleted. I stopped being active right before that on account of all the hormones ricocheting through the discussions. Put hundreds of postpartum women in one place together and you get plenty of drama. I'll probably find everything funny now, but at that time when I was weeping over babies in cute commercials, it was all very upsetting, so I got out. Now, all my 2-cent contributions there are lost forever. :(


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