Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We'll See You Soon, Ate Emely

More bad news for us. We mourn the passing of a great friend and sister in the Lord, Emely Mampusti (I don't know her married name). She came to work for us as my sister's nanny back in 1982 and stayed with us for 12 years. She was one of a few in the long string of helpers we've had who truly became family. Unlike many of the girls who came before and after her, she was one who truly helped and did not become a headache. She got married when my sister was 15 (yes, Chip had a nanny until, well, after that), which was her reason for leaving us. She moved back to her province on the island of Mindoro where the Lord blessed and prospered her family. About a month ago, she began experiencing terrible headaches and she was misdiagnosed with typhoid fever. Further tests showed that what she had was, in fact, hydrocephalus meningitis. My dad went to Mindoro yesterday to visit her. He was her pastor for many years (he even officiated her wedding... Side note: I suppose it is heartening to realize that so many people still consider my dad their pastor even years after they had stopped attending our church. He's always asked to officiate their weddings. The last instance involved a girl who moved away when she was about 8 years old. We heard again from her after more than twenty years when she asked Dad to officiate her wedding. She currently attends a big and, sadly, impersonal church where she didn't really get to forge any friendship with the members or the pastors. For something as important as her wedding, she wanted somebody who held significance in her spiritual life. Sad fact for the big church, but heartening for me, the pastor's daughter, hehe. End of long side note.) and she was really a blessing to our family all the years that she stayed with us. Had Chip been stronger, she would have gone along (she was Ate Emely's pet - uh, you should know that everybody spoiled my sister and Ate Emely did more than her share of indulging the little brat, lol). It was as though she was just waiting for Dad to get there. She passed away as soon as Dad had left the hospital. He didn't find out about Ate Emely's death until he got home at about 1 this morning (he insists on not having a  cellphone). He did know that she didn't have long. We take comfort in the knowledge that Ate Emely is now with God and we shall see her again "in the sweet by and by" (I seem to be thinking in hymns lately). I pray for Ate Emely's family, especially her husband and two children. May the Lord's comfort and peace be with them during this difficult time.


moonchild117 said...

My condolences to you and your Ate Emely's family.

swirlyagelessmind said...

her married name's campamento and it's emily...that's how i've always spelled her name and she's always spelled mine, chippy...i was her favorite snack.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thank you, Michelle. :)

And, Chip, I happen to know it's not spelled Emily.