Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More on Building a House

I have recently been consumed with thoughts of house designs. For starters, I had to write a gazillion articles on the subject, and then second, we have been wanting to build our own home. Naturally, there are budget limits and other boundaries, but with the resources we have now, we can come up with plans and whatnot without the need to hire an architect. Then again, my husband comes from a family of architects and although he isn’t one himself, he may have picked up some tips and tricks. Side note: the grand design was for him to turn into one too, but, haha good luck with the thought! Let’s just say he wasn’t so inclined and I’m really glad he wasn’t coerced into doing something that wouldn’t have made him happy. Going back to building a house, of course, my husband could also just consult his father. Or not. Whatever. We’re really just at the daydreaming stage for the moment although, of course, I’m raring to get started as usual. We have to wait for certain go-signals and we really do have to put in prayer and really seek out what God’s will is for us regarding the matter.


The Kano said...

But it's fun to plan for that future home! My wife and I want to build a new home in the Philippines in a few years near Novaliches where many of my asawa's sisters live. But we are just in the daydream staging, too.

Sharkbytes said...

The daydreaming is SO much fun!

spinninglovelydays said...

@Dave: Ooh, you're moving to Metro Manila? You'll have a plethora of SM malls to choose from, lol

@Sharkbytes: So true :)

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