Friday, August 13, 2010

Gonna Back Up

I have a gazillion videos of Marguerite on my phone and on the computers. I think I might be overdoing the sentimentality. I just can’t seem to delete any picture or video with Marguerite in it. In effect, I have practically every video and picture of Marguerite taken by my phone still in its memory. Deleting just feels so wrong to me. That would have been okay if I were more conscientious about backing up these files, so since I’m not, I guess all the sentimentality is useless. I’m a complete flake when it comes to backing up files. I do want to do something about it though. The last time I didn’t take the time to back up, my portfolio of published pieces was destroyed in the flood. Now, it’s as though I’d never written any of them. I mean, the money has long been spent. Who knows if those issues have been archived somewhere or not? I really need to do something about the pics and videos on my phone. The last time a gadget went kaput on me, I lost many of my pictures from my trip to Europe. I should have learned my lesson then. The first chance I get, I’m going to get me a blank dvd and put everything in it. Or get Mark to do it.


Nikka said...

back them up NOW! We lost a lof of videos and pictures of Ty when Paul's phone ran out of batt. When He charged it, all had disappeared!

spinninglovelydays said...

That's terrible, Nikka. I didn't know that could happen.