Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Flu Is Back in Our Home

It's Mark's turn to come down with the flu. I guess I'm relieved again that it's not the mumps. We haven't settled that issue yet (call-out to my MIL: has he had the thing or not, and was he vaccinated against it? Mark's memory of mumps episodes in his family is pretty vague. I'd love to be certain. Quarantine issues, you know.). Either way, it's such a bummer. Marguerite missed her dance class yesterday as just as we were getting ready for it, that's when her dad woke up and needed to be tended to. Now, I'm missing church yet again, but Marguerite can go. Anybody from my parents, my sister, or my cousins can take her. Anyway, I don't want my husband to feel bad about being sick. He works so hard and it's kind of a blessing that his episode happened during a long weekend. This way, he doesn't get to miss work. We were actually supposed to join a tree-planting activity at the La Mesa Dam tomorrow, but I'm not about to let him out even if he's better. A relapse is just everything the flu is with fangs on.
Anyway, have you tried keeping an almost 4-yr-old away from a sick person? An almost 4-yr-old who has turned into Chatty Cathy XTRM. She has this habit of talking away - on and on and on - nonstop... without punctuations... with lots of invented words... interspersed with dance and song, also impromptu and made-up... with bursts of laughter and screaming, and sometimes theatrics too... I told her to stay out of the room so Daddy could rest, and the next moment, she was in there with her "doctor" toys telling Mark, "I be your doctor you got germs you give me germs oh no I'm so tired I'm sick Mommy (just a bit of drama for my benefit when she saw me) open your mouth Dad come on (trying to pry Mark's mouth open with the eraser end of a pencil) gibberish gibberish you take your medicine I take your temperature where's the thermometer I tickle your armpit..." Yeah, I'm pretty sure she has to go to Sunday School today. Her dad would really welcome a few hours of quiet around here. Hearing that constant chatter (even from two rooms away) is pretty stressful if you're sick.


The Kano said...

Hope Mark will feel better soon. My brother-in-law that lives with us in our rural province also came down with the flu yesterday.

Very funny story about your talkative daughter. Your blog always has such a nice personal touch.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

The joys of a talkative pre-schooler! Poor Mark. I'm sure he will be better soon. Hope you get that mumps thing figured out.

spinninglovelydays said...

@Dave: Thanks, Dave.:) I guess the little buggers are everywhere hit by the monsoon season.

@Sharkbytes: Thanks. I suppose I should enjoy the stage while it lasts. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Mark will get better soon!
I told you we should get our daughters talking on the phone. Better if via Skype! It will be interesting what the two will talk about? Lol. Looking forward to see you soon. Sept. 1. Will just meet there, ok! L&J.