Friday, July 23, 2010

What I Found in San Diego

I loved San Diego when I visited it. I think if I had to choose between Los Angeles and San Diego, I would go for the latter. I especially love the area of Seaport Village with its fascinating shops and a gorgeous view of the Coronado Bridge. I don’t know where it is now, but I remember purchasing a fake Angelina Jolie (pre-Brad Pitt - for restriction, Billy Bob Thornton was indicated) driver’s license in one of the stores. I tried showing it for ID one time and was rewarded a sneer. I thought I looked enough like the picture (waiting for lightning to strike me). I really didn’t understand what the problem was. It must have been the smile. Maybe while I was already in San Diego, I should have popped over to Dr. Safarian's, the best cosmetic dentistry San Diego. Of course, for a true Angelina smile, I’d have to get my lips done too. I think it goes without saying that hers is significantly, well, puffier. Then again, I can’t even find that driver’s license anymore, so what’s the point?