Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old Homeschool Posts

Marguerite woke up early, less than the 11 hours of nighttime sleep I prefer for her to have (I want her to get all of the recommended hours at night since she hardly ever naps anymore), so I'm a bit bothered (not really annoyed or anything - just this feeling that the day didn't start out right. And yes, thank you, I'm perfectly aware that other people have real problems. I think I myself have a few, lol. I'll try not to go on and on about the sleep thing.) It's a good thing though that she woke up early as the sun's not yet too severe and my mom offered to take her to the nearby sports center's playground (I love being back in Marikina!). I'm of the thinking that any time between 10am and 3pm is not a good time to be out in the sun, unless you really mean to be out in the sun (like if you were at the beach). I'm not sure if it's conditioning, but we are closer to the equator and the sun's just plain uncomfortable during these hours. Anyway, the point is that I've scheduled outdoor play mostly in the afternoon and unfortunately for us, the skies have also chosen the afternoons for rain. I think I may have to rearrange a couple of things in the rainbow schedule I made to really accommodate outdoor play during the wet season.
Anyway, I was involved in a discussion over at MyLot yesterday about parents being teachers. I wanted to quote something from a blog post I had made about my reasons for choosing to homeschool and in looking for that particular post, I got to reread some of the early homeschooling posts I'd made here. Here are some interesting ones I want to reshare:

I also found this DIY list that I made:

Done/ Currently doing:(if I may brag a little, lol)
1. applesauce 2. spaghetti sauce 3. jelly 4. guacamole 5. pesto 6. salsa 7. hummus 8. pizza 9. pasta 10. playdough 11. bubbles 12. soap 13. baskets 14. paper 15. rubber stamps 16. books 17. jewelry 18. curtains 19. rugs 20. candles 21. skirt 22. blouse 23. socks 24. compost 25. bread 26. potato chips 27. pinata 28. tortillas (both Spanish and Mexican - so have my students, lol) 29. kite 30. crossword puzzle 31. (something like) dreadlocks 32. hawaiian lei (well, sampaguita garland actually) 33. beaded curtains 34. notebook 35. windchimes 36. purse 37. cosmetics 38. snow globe 39. baby food 41. fried green tomatoes (ok, Sister was actually the one who made them, okra pops too) 42. table cloth 43. stencils 44. lamp 45. pie crust 46. chocolate truffles 47. cereal bars 48. granola 49. trail mix 50. gift wrap 51. rock candy 52. quilt 53. biscuits 54. french fries 55. corsage 56. margarita 57. gingerbread house (well, just cookies so far) 58. envelope 59. flower arrangement 60. wreath 61. herbal tea 62. fudge 63. apron

Interested in doing:
1. peanut butter 2. wedding (or any fancy-pants) cake 3. stuffing 4. ginger ale 5. pancake mix 6. ice cream 7. wine 8. moisturizer 9. bookshelves 10. tables 11. stool 12. sweater 13. poncho 14. coat 15. tree fort 16. gazebo 17. windmill 18. birdhouse 19. solar power generator 20. house 21. sun clock 22. pretzels 23. doughnuts 24. bagels 25. crayons 26. loofah 27. cheese 28. 3D glasses 29. igloo!!! 30. modeling clay 31. cheesecake 32. generator 33. computer 34. telescope 35. microscope 36. picnic table 37. pond 38. deck 39. vitamin water 40. backyard swing set 41. hats 42. wind generator tower 43. weather station 44. metal detector 45. watch 46. sunroom 47. rain barrel 48. boat 49. baby shoes 50. log cabin 51. seismograph (very Mad Scientist Club!) 52. rocking chair (or horse) 53. cradle/ crib (even just a moses basket) 54. easel 55. picket fence 56. stairs 57. creme brulee 58. mulch 59. vinegar 60. apple cider 61. paella 62. pillows 63. graham crackers 64. a tiara 65. mulled wine 66. mozzarella sticks 67. fondant 68. sandals 69. bench
Anyway, I consulted the original list and I found that I could now add the following to the things I've done: pancake mix, a house (hehe), crayons (more hehe),  hats (here and here), baby shoes (check out the bootie in the pic), pillow, tiara, and sandals (well, slippers, but I'll make some Viking sandals one of these days)... I know, that's really stretching things, but, oh well, I'm a gooner... The following are things I've also done that were not included in the things I was interested in doing, but were in the original list anyway: gravy, fingerpaint, and crossword puzzle...