Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Of Cough, Art and My Sister's Giveaway

Marguerite has a cough, something that's quite common of late, thanks to the season. She's barking and sniffling with the best of them. Her spirits yesterday were quite high (I think she'll show undiminished energy again later - still early), but when bedtime came... forget it. Suffice it to say, I've had next to no sleep. I think the phlegm was bothering her. As usual, I've been doing water therapy, although I might give in to my mom's nagging and let the little one take lagundi syrup (at least, it's herb-based).
Anyway, we did this art project some time back, but well... I forgot all about it. I let her color with crayons, cover it with black acrylic, and then etch stuff (I did most of the etching - using a pick-up-stick)

Btw, my sister is hosting a giveaway. It's only for Marikina residents though. So if you're from Marikina, pop on over to her blog to see what it's all about. The prize is a 50g Marks & Spencer White Peach and Almond Talcum Powder.