Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marguerite's Penchant for Picking Flowers

Marguerite loves going outside. She's forever picking kamias (fruit from cucumber tree/tree sorrel) because our mature tree is simply abundant with fruits. She also loves picking flowers and leaves, so I thought yesterday's art activity could incorporate this penchant of hers again (last time, we did leaf printing). We picked yesterday-today-tomorrow flowers (Chinese honeysuckle) from the front fence and other leaves from the plants. Anyway, I got this idea from somewhere I can't remember. I made a note of it in my mind to do this a long time ago, but it took me quite a while to get around to doing it, so now I can't remember what my original inspiration was.

Marguerite loves going for walks with her Nannie (my mom) and when she gets back, she usually has a flower for me (sometimes also for her Aunt Chip). To show appreciation, I tuck the flower behind my ear or in my hair and when it's about falling off, I use it as a bookmark for my Bible. At the rate the flower giving is going, I'll have every page in my Bible bookmarked.

I suppose I'll get to the point when I don't have to keep every little thing that Marguerite gives me, but for now it's absolutely unthinkable.


The Kano said...

Of course you have to keep every little thing Marguerite gives you! I remember my Nana (my Grandma) keeping all of my Dad's papers from school in her attic until the day she passed away. My Dad graduated from High School in 1950, but Nana would never have dreamed of throwing those treasures away.

Ann Flowers said...

Nice blog. Going through it, made my day. Keep on posting.

Sharkbytes said...

What you need is a couple more kids. haha. I've heard that as the number grows the need to preserve every memory decreases!

spinninglovelydays said...

@Dave: That's probably what I'd end up doing. I just need a system that would allow me to do that without things getting too cluttered, lol

@Ann: Thanks! :)

@Sharkbytes: Now, there's a thought! lol

Anonymous said...

Aww this is cute!!! I love keeping things as well...

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