Thursday, July 15, 2010

How We Coped with the Blackout

24 hours without power... it wasn't so bad. At least, it was a little cooler than usual. If that had happened during the summer, I would have been less philosophical and more, well, foaming-at-the-mouth livid. Anyway, lots of places have generators, but the one at the Eastwood Mall was particularly fierce. We took advantage of Mark's unintentional day off, dragged my cousins Jaymee and Luigi along and went to the Cash & Carry to get a new pair of shoes for Marguerite. Then, we headed off to Eastwood for dinner and to watch the dancing fountain (Marguerite loves it). It's like a miniature version of the Bellagio fountain, also very entertaining to watch and quite magical if you're a little kid. I think it puts on a show every thirty minutes for several hours every night, dancing to two songs each time. Mark caught on video the fountain dancing to "The Show", a winsome little tune from Lenka. Keep in mind that there was a citywide blackout going on when this was taken.