Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apple Pie Chants

Marguerite and I got in some baking yesterday. We chose apple pie as our victim, er, fare this time. First we prepared the crust (everything from scratch). That was fun. We even made up a little chant as we mixed the flour with the butter (no Crisco for us), if I remember correctly, it went something like "Squish the butter/mix with flour/for the crust/of apple pie". Not exactly Shakespeare, lol. And it was impromptu so we didn't bother to rhyme, hehe. While the crust discs were chilling, I squeezed in time for a visit to the dentist (there's one right next door and another one at the corner - I went to the corner one; Remind me of these perks the next time I complain about living in a commercial area) followed by a visit to the nearest thrift shop (at the other corner). The dentist had given me a discount since he was friends with my uncle, so I used the hundred pesos (about $2) to treat myself to ten blouses (10 pcs for Php100 - not bad, considering that I was able to score designer brands - not that I was looking out for them). I haven't bought myself clothes since I had to buy maternity wear, so I thought I was due, lol. I went home and Marguerite and I continued our baking. The end product was good, but my mom suggested baking the bottom crust and filling halfway before covering it with the top crust and baking all the way through. I also should have lined the edges with aluminum foil to keep them from toasting like that, but I don't mind toasted edges. :)



The Darkest Night said...

it looks yummy!

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Annika :)