Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things That Are Worth the Interest

My mother-in-law has just left to go off gallivanting in Zurich and Paris, two of my avowed natural and spiritual homes, and naturally I'm pea green with ENVY. I hope she has a fun and safe trip though. If I had seen her before she left, I would have nagged at her to go to Café Schober (currently Café Felix, I believe) and to say "hello" for me to all my favorite Paris haunts, which I'm certain all miss me as much as I miss them, hee. Sigh. Give me the chance to travel anytime. I'll gladly go without signatures and trends, but I need me some of Samantha Brown's good life. Of course, travel to distant lands is on an entirely different luxury level from mere stuff. I would have to get personal loans upon personal loans to afford it. The thing is, my psyche's allergic to debt. I don't know, maybe I would consider being able to experience Europe as worth the months or even years of paying off loans and their interests. While we're at it, I might as well throw in some show tickets. How about that Les Miz anniv concert happening soon (huge nut over the musical, absolutely gaga over the TAC)? Of course, Lea being Fantine is sure to be awesome. However, my left eyebrow has launched itself into orbit at the thought of Nick Jonas doing Marius. I will be kind and simply say that Michael Ball's vocal quality is light years, LIGHT YEARS away and above... I wonder who will do Enjolras and if he will be as gorgeous as Michael Maguire... More importantly, where will I find the 150 pounds to see the concert, not to mention the thousand dollars or so for a roundtrip plane ticket? As I contemplate all this, I find myself immensely grateful that we have impeccable credit history, hehehe.