Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Perennial Emcee

First things first... my sister Chip finally has a blog. She writes really well. Go see. :)

I was finally able to upload the recital pics from Sunday As usual, I was an emcee. I don't know why they never ask me to sing! lol JUST KIDDING! I'd be mortified if somebody actually took me up on that. Last Sunday was also a milestone because Marguerite "performed" (very debatable, that term; watch and see) her first special number in church along with other children. I'm personally just thankful that she actually went up on stage.

Side note: I've been meaning to complete this post for several days now. Mark took a video and I'm not sure if it's the size, but I can't seem to upload it (tried Blogger -reverted to Old Editor and everything, Vimeo and YouTube... nada), so I've just been in a snit about that all this time, lol. I'm linking to a video posted on Facebook, but if that doesn't work... well, just dadgummit!

Here are some pics from the recital: