Sunday, June 6, 2010

Impressed by Carica

I should be getting ready for church, but since it's just about two kilometers away now... yeah, I should get off this thing and get ready. My husband and my daughter are still sleeping though. Anyway, I love being back in Marikina. I'll wax poetic about this sentiment another time. Right now, I'm just sharing something related to health. On Friday, I held a garage sale and it was really fun. I wouldn't mind doing it again soon. The thing is, many of our customers were tricycle drivers and they were smoking when they came over to look. That triggered an asthma attack. I don't get them bad anymore. I don't even take medication (you know me, I go drug-free as much as possible), but compound the attack with the weather and I just wanted to feel better right away. My mom gave me some Carica syrup and almost instantaneously, the rattly chest thingy and shortness of breath went away. I'm not saying it's a bonafide remedy, just that it really worked that time. I'll have to go over the literature and learn more about it.


swirlyagelessmind said...

Carica's the bomb! I will take sea cucumber and turmeric until the coming of Christ!