Saturday, April 17, 2010

One Time I Was a Basketball Fan

I had basketball for PE when I was in high school. What a joke. Good thing that was just for a class or two. We almost had our teacher tearing his hair out (only I think he was bald at that time). Most of us couldn’t dribble and walk at the same time, our free throws landed several yards short of the basket, we made the sissiest passes, etc. Naturally, we were also consistently committing traveling, 3-second, 25-second (does this even exist or did I just invent this?) violations. The one time somebody made a basket, she did it in the other team’s side of the court, so, yeah, the score was pretty much 0-0 the entire time, 0-2 if that dumb basket counted. We might have been pathetic players, but we were fans of the game. We just preferred to cheer at the stands. I was actually a big fan of basketball, college basketball specifically. I would actually watch the games live at their venues (remember, I was a silly teenage girl at that time so you can pretty much deduce WHY). I got pretty knowledgeable and could discuss things such as ncaa college basketball predictions and game plans. That was a fun time. It’s pretty thrilling to be actively supporting a sports team. Nowadays, I mostly find myself rooting for reality show contestants, lol.