Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Food from Hormel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.
We try to eat fresh as much as we can, but it’s practical and prudent to have a supply of canned and other instant products as well. In between deadlines and, ahem, bouts of laziness, my stock of canned goods can really save the day. Of course, I’m the one with happy memories of spooning chili straight out of the can into my mouth and calling that dinner (that’s okay if nobody could see, right? lol), so that’s no big surprise. Naturally, when shopping I opt for the wholesome brands. I grew up on hormel products, so among my “happy foods” number their Chili and Dinty Moore products. I also love recalling their commercials for a bit of nostalgia. It’s so amazing how the product lines have expanded to include new varieties, options, sizes, etc. It’s great that the more health-conscious are catered to in this way. Now that I’m responsible for my own family’s nourishment, this is something I’m really aware of. Nowadays, Dinty Moore Hearty Meals are a good choice for my lazy dinner prep moments since they contain no preservatives and noodles are usually acceptable to my picky eater. When preparing them, I just add more vegetables (moringa is a favorite since it’s subtle and packed with all the good stuff I want, esp iron since my little one’s vitamins don’t include it) for extra nutrients. As for Hormel Chili Masters, I don’t need a good excuse to plunk my rear down on the couch and spoon lunch, dinner, or whatever you call that meal you have at 3:30pm right out of the jar. If I’m feeling all classy and kinda gourmet, I use dishes and eat it with nachos, fries, baked potato, etc. at the table. :D Since my daughter doesn’t eat beef or pork, we usually go with the chicken and turkey products. To make things fun, we pretend we’re camping, so we go get the tent out and make a fake campfire. There are more ways to add fun little twists to your chili or Dinty Moore experience; check out for ideas.