Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gems, Pure Gems

Oki, yadda yadda... This is just some aimless rambling about my daughter. And maybe a bad picture I took with my phone. The thing is, Marguerite does/says them so fast and really quite frequently that I fail to write them down... you know, precious little quips and funny little antics that will probably meet with a puzzled "wha-?" from the regular person, but to me, they're absolute gems.
Like when she gets this crafty and wary look and nonchalantly inches her way to some spot out of my line of vision, I know she's up to something. I usually let her get to it (curiosity is my undoing) and follow after a minute or so. Confronted with chaos or the beginning of one, I dumbly ask what is already obvious, "What are you doing?" and am answered in a matter-of-fact way, "I'm making a mess." At least, now when I go, "Well, you better put everything away when you're done," I know there's a good chance that she would on her own and if she wouldn't, it's easier to prod her to do so.
Or the fact that she loves dancing so much that make any series of sounds that produce any sort of beat or rhythm, she would dance to it. Case in point was an almost empty maple syrup bottle I was squeezing. It made horrid little farting sounds, but apparently there was some beat to it, so Marguerite got up from our picnic blanket (just here at home, on the floor beside the dining table) and started doing a funny little jig.

She also, btw, won two ribbons from camp (I didn't even get one - although I did lead my team to triumph in the quiz bee - hooray for Double Jeopardy and that happy bunch of bluffing gamblers who agreed with me to go for broke... CHARLTON HESTON is the answer, lolz... and ya-hess it was a church camp). She was "discovered" to be the next tambourine dancer (pics sometime soon because they're all in Husband's laptop and well, sigh, I'm already getting stressed thinking about how to upload the things and, sigh, my BP's climbing just thinking about it. Bad pic there. Bad camera and the ribbons are already in Marguerite's homeschool portfolio... Wow, I do ramble on and on. I'll quit now for the time being.