Saturday, March 20, 2010

This Is How We Jell

Yesterday we made jello. Except it's not really Jell-O, it's Nutrijell. Marguerite likes fruit gels, but I'm not too comfortable with the idea of giving her food products that are probably mostly white sugar. When shopping for this, we just inspect the nutritional content in the package and go for that which has the most number of nutrients listed. We used to buy a bag of this kiddie gelatin packed in individual small cups because it had several vitamins, selenium, and I forget what else in it (and no, I didn't let Marguerite suck the gelatin from the cup. I always popped a couple into a bowl and then cut them up into safer sizes), but I didn't feel right about that because of the individual plastic packaging, the artificially bright color, the fact that it's all sugar, etc. Anyway, I've used Nutrijell before but they're kind of hard to find around here. Husband found some the last time he went to the store and bought several. If I'm going to give commercial gelatin to Marguerite at all, this brand would be my preference. It is made of seaweed and konjac. It doesn't have preservatives and has been fortified with vitamins, calcium, and prebiotics. In preparing it, you get to add the sugar or sweetening alternative yourself, so you can control the amount or presence of sugar in it. I also like that you have to make it as opposed to just getting it ready-to-eat. Yesterday, Marguerite and I made a batch from one sachet. We made the first one plain. We added milk to the second one and banana chunks to the third. It's pretty good if you're not looking for the sweetness of the usual commercial brand. I have to note though that it does have artificial flavor and color (studies show risk of promoting hyperactivity in children). It's okay as a sometimes food in my household, especially if the process of making it is part of our homeschool session. And here is Marguerite eating her creation.

I don't know what inspired her to wear this ensemble. It makes me think of a superhero, but I know she hasn't been introduced to the concept. The wrist band she actually made me put on her arm before she even donned the bathing suit. She found a strip of yellow art paper (leftover from our paper chains) and made me glue it to form a sort of bangle on her wrist. She changed into the bathing suit for our dance session and added the hairband (Thanks, Lalab!) later on. I guess it's just a cowinkydink, but I've gotten it in my mind now to make a cape for her, lol.


Sharkbytes said...

I wonder if that is like our Knox unflavored gelatin. I try to use sugar free Jello when we use it these days.

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Sharkbytes. I've seen Knox (not very common in the Philippines though), but I don't know what is in it. :)

The Rooster Crows at 4am! said...

Wow, it is made with seaweed and konjac? That sounds pretty healthy. When living in the States as a child my Mom always used the Jello brand, but back then we did not know how unhealthy some foods could be. (But it tasted good!)

spinninglovelydays said...

I grew up on the Jello brand too - that and some local brands plus the generic agar agar sheets you get from the market for gulaman :)