Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finding the Motivation to Get Healthy

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Since getting pregnant, my weight has been yo-yoing nonstop. Sometimes I puff up and other times I seem to be on my way to my healthier weight. Just on my way, I haven’t actually reached that point yet. This is frustrating as weight had never been an issue with me when I was younger. I guess “younger” is the operative word. The old metabolism just ain’t what it used to be. Although if I were honest, I’d also put it down to less self-discipline of late. What drives me (inconsistently) to work at being healthier is the fear that I can’t be the best mother I can be for my child. Because I try to give my daughter a healthy and natural diet, it’s easier in my case to eat healthy too. The workout part is harder to keep up though. It’s really laziness pure and simple. I have an exercise bike here, workout DVDs, a hula hoop, 9 flights of stairs… I can’t find the chance to utilize any of them because I’m up to my chin with excuses: I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, etc. It’s like a chicken and egg thing. If I’d just exercise, I’d probably find myself with more energy… For now, keeping up with my daughter accounts for any strenuous movement I may do. It’s easy to inspire me though. I just need something that will keep me inspired. I found and it has everything to keep me motivated to regain good health. It’s actually a community that collects everything related to health - from news, blog posts, expert opinions, recipes, videos, coupons, etc. It doesn’t just focus on the physical. The overall well-being is addressed, including mental health. It’s also not just about looking good, but about feeling generally better as well. Users can customize their news feed so that they can receive news that are most relevant to them. The recent health blog entries are particularly inspiring as these are more personal and something that users can easily relate to. If you join on or before March 10, 2010, you can enter their Twitter contest for a chance to win a $1250 worth prize package. Enter to win $ towards a gym membership & JENNIE-O turkey products. Just follow @wellness_daily & RT this!