Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marguerite and Fevers

Marguerite woke up perfectly fine this morning. Or so it seemed to me. She was her usual rowdy self. Sometime before lunch she told me she had an owie in that area between her brows. I thought she might have bumped her head on something. I inspected the area she indicated, found it unmarred and massaged it soothingly. I thought she felt hot, but I had just been washing the dishes so I couldn't be sure. She was getting cranky around that time though, so I got her to quiet and settle down in bed. She fell asleep right away. She woke up a little later and I noticed that she was still hot. I decided to take her temperature and the first reading was 38.2. She seemed to have some discomfort and sensitivity to light. I got a wet washcloth and placed it over her eyes and forehead. She fell asleep again. I texted Husband and my mom about Marguerite's condition and went online to consult our family physician, Dr. Google. First, I looked up the symptoms of dengue and swine flu, and then I googled the symptoms she had exhibited thus far and came across meningitis. I did the chin tuck test and she seemed fine with that. At one point her temp went up to 38.9, but the last check gave 37.6. At this point, I'm really just observing. I'm not used to this. Marguerite's a healthy girl. She could run a temperature and still instigate her normal level of chaos. Even when she had chicken pox, she behaved perfectly well. Not that she's not capable of mayhem right now - she just threw seven different kinds of tantrum upon waking up because the headphones were ugly and her blankie had fringes. Right now, she's watching "Little Einsteins" on TV. I thought she wouldn't be up to TV since she had a headache, but that was the only thing she didn't find offensive. Apparently, my offers of water, juice, yogurt, milk, book were all affronts to her sensibilities - oh wait, she did grab the tambourine and struck it angrily a few times before she threw it down in a fit of temper. Spirited even in sickness. My position now is, anything for some quiet. She's had several short naps, but too short for me to get anything done except put in this post in fits and bursts. Oh, I'll also have you know I'm still on consultation with Dr. Google as I type out this entry. Actually, gotta git as she's ready to get cranky again. Please pray for my little girl. Thanks.


The Darkest Night said...

I hope she's feeling better really soon! *hugs*

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Oh, I hope she's all better soon. It's so difficult when little ones don't feel well.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Annika and Sharkbytes :)