Monday, November 16, 2009

Jubilant Filipinos

I'm not about to be the only Pinoy blogger who does not blog about Pacquiao's win yesterday. I actually prayed for that, lol. Chip was already psyching herself that Manny P wouldn't win, so she wouldn't be so disappointed if he lost. She was saying that Cotto was so much bigger, blah, blah, blah. However, Manny had already shown many times in the past that he could beat fighters who were bigger and heftier than he. I normally don't enjoy watching boxing, but any fight with the potential of making a Filipino a world champion is important, of course, so you can say I've watched most of Manny's fights. Anyway, besides the fact that it was Sunday and we weren't fanatic enough to pay to watch the fight live, we just waited for my aunt in Fresno to deliver the results as soon as they were available. We were still having lunch when the phone rang and Chip (who was in our parents' room, watching Glee replays on Jack) shortly thereafter started shouting "Pacquiao WON!!!" We all rushed to the bedroom and excitedly got the details. Not even minutes after Chip had taken the call, a long blast of fireworks (and some more) erupted from somewhere nearby (probably the city hall). We switched the TV to a local channel and there was a news feed about Pacquiao's victory running at the bottom of the screen. Naturally, we watched all 12 rounds even if we already knew how it would turn out. Even jubilating about Pacquiao's win, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Cotto. The fact that his little son was there watching just broke my heart. :( That's why I'm embedding a video of La Diva singing the national anthem instead of the fight, hehe.