Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ebooks at Borders

Technology has redefined so many of the things we used to know. For instance, there was a time when reading meant holding a book and flipping through the pages. It meant needing to have a light on to see the text of the book. Nowadays, ebooks are a cool and green alternative to the traditional way. Borders keeps up with all these new technologies and while it continues to offer great deals on an extensive selection of books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, etc. it also has a wide variety and a long list of ebooks for those who prefer the hi-tech approach at reading. With the advent of ereaders, ebooks have become more accessible and handy. Screen reading may be done anywhere since ereaders are even more portable than some paperbacks. Exclusive to Borders is the Elonex ereader. You simply have to order and download from the over 50,000 ebooks available on the site, and you can have a virtual library at the palm of your hand. All these things used to be unthinkable. These ideas were only present in science fiction stories. These products are the dictates of the times though and Borders keeps the balance by offering both the classic and the hi-tech.